Looking for relief from the pain and cosmetic imperfections that varicose veins can cause? Not only that, but are you looking for a clinical alternative to more traditional, painful methods of surgery? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you should possibly consider VenaCure.



Though there are many different options for treating varicose veins on the modern market, VenaCure offers a proven, successful alternative to traditional surgical methods, like vein stripping and vein litigation, as well as patient benefits, such as lower risk of complications, and less time for recovery.


Through VenaCure, an EVLT catheter (a state of the art catheter allowing for more patient comfort, as well as easier use) is inserted into the affected varicose vein through a small incision. Once inside, a dose of energy is delivered into the vein wall, causing the vein to collapse on itself. Over time, the vein reduces in size, as well as slowly begins to remove circulation to the vein.



There are numerous patient benefits to utilizing VenaCure as your method of varicose vein treatment:

  • Quick Surgical Time - In most cases of VenaCure, the procedure typically takes less than an hour to perform.
  • Minimal Visibility - After the procedure has taken place, little to no scarring occurs in the catheter’s entry point, allowing for the incision to heal with little trace.
  • Shorter Recovery Time - Thanks to the focused process and ease of conducting VenaCure, patients who undergo the procedure spend less time recuperating than those who use vein stripping or vein litigation.
  • Minor Side Effects - Though not every VenaCure procedure is the same, most patients who undergo the surgery have minor side effects, such as tenderness and mild bruising - both of which tend to disappear within a month’s time. VenaCure patients also may experience a pulling sensation in the legs, which is where the former vein used to be.




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