Of all of the various treatments options for varicose veins, laser vein treatment has many benefits not only as a category of remedy for varicose veins but also as when compared to other forms of treatment. Through this process, lasers with a high focused beam are used to close the affected veins, which allows improved flow in normal veins and in turn improved symptoms.


Not only are varicose veins able to be treated externally, but through endovenous laser treatment, larger varicose veins can be eliminated as well. Using a catheter to pass a laser fiber through the vein, larger veins are eliminated in a process much less painful than vein litigation or stripping. Endovenous laser treatment has a 94% success rate. Though there are many benefits to simple laser treatment for varicose veins, there are a few side effects to consider and discuss with your doctor:

  • Blood clotting in deep vein system
  • Skin burns
  • Pain from nerve damage, experienced after complete recovery


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