dialysis support


Those who currently suffer from either kidney failure, or are currently in the end stage of kidney failure, looking for a regain functionality and processes, fear not: Mid-Michigan Radiology Associates offers dialysis support treatment to its patients.


As kidney failure progresses, roughly 85-90% of kidney function is lost, and support is needed in order for the kidneys to perform their necessary tasks, including filtering the blood, remove waste, and feed urine into the bladder.


Weighing Options

When considering dialysis support as a means of continuing kidney production, it is important to weigh the two different types of dialysis: Hemodialysis, and Peritoneal Dialysis.



In this process, waste, excess chemicals and fluid in the blood are removed by means of a hemodialyzer, or an artificial kidney.In order to connect the hemodialyzer, minor surgery in the arm or leg is done, allowing for entry into the blood vessels.In certain cases, access to an artery or vein may be made to a fistula or a larger blood vessel.


Dialysis Fistula/Graft/Catheter Maintenance

We place dialysis catheter during the period when dialysis is needed and fistula or graft is in place. Getting a dialysis fistula or graft or catheter is a first step towards getting dialyzed properly; making sure these work properly, and if there are any problems with them, getting them fixed is the second important step to continue effective dialysis. We help our patients in maintaining their fistula or graft by frequently evaluating them and performing angioplasty or stent placement whenever needed.






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